Bounce Rate Demystified

Poor bounce rate, it turned into the metric that everyone learned to hate without really knowing why. It’s true that sometimes a high bounce rate means that something needs to be improved, but in many cases it has been associated with a lot of … [Read more]

Answering SEO Questions for SEOPedia

This post was initially published on the Search Quality Alliance site, and later moved here to my personal blog.Some time ago we received a request to answer some SEO related questions from a few users at the Romanian SEOPedia forum. We happily … [Read more]

How SEOs are soiling their own industry

The story repeats itself over and over, SEOs blindly abide by all kind of demands from their clients and unexpected results arise... It usually goes like this: Someone wants to be the wise guy on the road and engages in deceptive techniques for … [Read more]

What is Quality Content

So, what is quality content? I’d say it’s one of the most asked questions by site owners, webmasters and SEOs since Google launched Panda last year, its high quality algorithm targeting low quality content. Since then, basically everyone with a … [Read more]

Augmented reality is not for n00bs

So Google launched their project Glass last week and as expected, we're already having our first parody clips flying-in from everywhere on the Interwebs. The first one was a Windows style parody augmented reality mashup:The second and most recent … [Read more]

SEO Audits vs SEO Consulting Services

I decided to write about this mostly for the Portuguese language market, since SEO Audits are not as mainstream as SEO Consulting services. But I consider it to be an important part of any SEO investment, for the simple fact that you can be investing … [Read more]