Augmented reality is not for n00bs

So Google launched their project Glass last week and as expected, we’re already having our first parody clips flying-in from everywhere on the Interwebs. The first one was a Windows style parody augmented reality mashup:

The second and most recent one it’s all about what can go wrong with people multitasking on the street:

Of course, the primary goal of these videos is to become viral and generate those guys some popularity and attention, but that’s all about their existence, being funny. They don’t contribute to the the problem with a solution, those videos are like the usual bystanders that laugh at everything other people do and by chance and falls out of their comfortable reality.

Even miss Tsotsis made an already expected sensationalist article on TechCrunch giving her expertise on how these won’t work. But then again, this is all predictable expected behavior. If we go back in time and think about all the things that contributed to the evolution of technology and disrupted the sofa thinkers we will be able to spot the same behavior patterns — mockery and sensationalism. I can only imagine how guys like Karl Benz and the Wright brothers, among others were mocked at their time…

I mean seriously? Are we so closed-minded that we have to bash, mock and make sensationalist headlines about everything that doesn’t fit in our tiny reality? I’m not saying that these glasses that Google came up with ARE the ultimate thing, nor they will be perfect… I don’t even expect that our generation can adapt to them in a short period of time… Who could drive the first car in a perfect way? Or fly the first airplane? Heck! Humans are not perfect! We need to adapt and learn to live with innovation, mocking it will only make you look narrow-minded. Instead, roll up the sleeves and contribute towards a solution or ideas that will improve it.

Yeah I’m a Google lover, but I’m also an Apple lover and a Microsoft lover (XBox FTW!) among others, what I am not — or at least I try very hard not to be — is an innovation basher and a sofa thinker. I don’t bother with funny things and parodies, I think they are fun and make un see other people’s perspective, but when the major media channels consistently pick up topics with sensationalist headlines and always with a “what can go wrong with this?” approach, something must be wrong.

Oh yes, here is the original Google video in case you haven’t seen it yet:

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